Employment Opportunities

How to Apply

It's as easy as getting in touch.

  • Click the job title and complete the application process.
  • Call us and ask to speak to someone. We can have a discreet no-obligation chat and answer your questions.
  • Email us your C.V along with a letter telling us why you are awesome. - Why not tell us what you watch on Netflix, Prime, Neon or Disney so we can see if you fit our profile!
  • Pop in and visit. If we like the look of you we might even interview you there and then!

e - careers@nzft.co.nz
p - 03 443 0812

Visa Requirements

We love working with people from anywhere in the world. If you meet the criteria for one of our positions but aren't sure if your visa allows you to work for us then get in touch. If you really are great we may be able to help you out.