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Gidday, if you are lookin at takin a tiki tour in NZ and sussin out our awesome wop wops then sweet, its choice as! Pack your jandels, give us a bell and we’ll sort you out mate no worries.
New Zealand Fine Touring is a holiday company that is obsessed with helping people experience the best of what our extraordinary country has to offer.
New Zealand is seriously amazing.
Come here. Now.
With us.

What kind of people do we hire?

Great question! Here's our wish list:

  • Someone who can pick up a role and run with it.
  • Someone who won't say 'no' but rather 'why not'.
  • Someone who eats challenges for breakfast.
  • Someone who is strong enough to stand up to the boss and tell him his jokes aren't funny but soft enough to tell him they are getting better.
  • They'll have excellent communication skills and a 'do and learn' approach.
  • They'll be a lateral thinker (not so lateral that they fall over though) and a problem solver.
  • They'll understand that we sell dreams not travel and dream selling is serious business.
  • They will laugh a funny 'I can do that' laugh when we say 'there's thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much to do'.
  • They won't mind pitching in to help on other projects when needed either as we're a small office on a big journey and that's just what we do.
  • They won't want to work for a corporate. We don't do corporate. Ewwww gross.

Maybe they are experienced in sales, maybe they are returning to the workforce or maybe they are working in a bakery right next door to us - regardless they are people people and full of vim and vigour!

Possibly they are a little crazy. Preferably they know the tourism sector. Importantly they LOVE New Zealand. Like really love it. We do.

They could be a he. They could be a she. They could be you?

Check out our current jobs below and even if we don't have any new roles listed we are always on the lookout for exceptional people so get in touch with us here.