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Gidday, if you are lookin at takin a tiki tour in NZ and sussin out our awesome wop wops then sweet, its choice as! Pack your jandels, give us a bell and we’ll sort you out mate no worries.
New Zealand Fine Touring is a holiday company that is obsessed with helping people experience the best of what our extraordinary country has to offer.
New Zealand is seriously amazing.
Come here. Now.
With us.

A little bit about us

The day he got turned down for a cleaning job in a pet shop was not the end of the line for David, in fact it was the start of everything.

It was the early 2000s and on return from years working in the travel industry abroad and looking to make some quick cash with a second job David was indeed turned down for a cage cleaning role at a local pet shop. 'Overqualified' they said. That old chestnut! Well no matter what they said we know that a) he is a seriously talented pet cage cleaner and b) that their loss was to be our gain as this was the moment that the New Zealand Fine Touring Group was born.

With partner in crime Kerry (now partner in life, company GM and calming Zen like influence for us all) the business started life like many businesses do operating on a single desk from their spare bedroom tucked away at the back of their house.

Equipped with a simple idea, a kitted out land rover, lots of enthusiasm and absolutely no idea where their business was going to come from they set about building a kiwi touring company with a difference.

Back then the business had a very simple philosophy – ‘an uncompromising determination to deliver the best experience’. While we’ve grown and changed considerably since those early days that one simple philosophy still drives us now.

After a short period running personally guided tours around the country the opportunity to sell self-drive holidays became the businesses focus. What better way to explore this country than to do it at your own pace and immersing yourself in its extraordinary beauty that we love exploring ourselves so much.

In the following years the business moved to Wanaka and a new partner came on board - the expert latte drinker and colouring in superstar, Chris Sutton (Sutts).

We live, love and sell the most extraordinary country in the world. We are so blessed to base our business in one of New Zealand’s most iconic tourism destinations, the heartland of tourism – Wanaka. Our drive to work every day alongside the beautiful Lake Wanaka and under the watchful eye of the snow-capped mountains reminds us of how truly lucky we are to live here and how driven we are to make sure that as much of the world as possible experiences the beauty of New Zealand for themselves.

We work with amazing people. The right people can make all the difference and we are lucky to be able to work with a team of people who also share the same values and philosophy as we do. They are such experts on everything ‘New Zealand’. They understand our people and culture, they have immersed themselves in the must see places, they have explored our far reaching corners and they love to make our customers dreams come true. We laugh with them, stress with them and celebrate with them. They are where the magic happens. You should talk to one of them today.

Helping visitors experience our beautiful country and all it has to offer is what we do best so get in touch and let’s make your holiday dreams come true.

The team at NZFT

p.s. if you do pop into our office in Wanaka bring your pet cage and David can give it a spruce up. He is still seriously good.